Saturday, June 7, 2008

Home from the Hospital

Praying Friends,

For those of you who have missed a few emails, my apologies. We had trouble with forwarding to everyone on the blackberry while we were in the hospital.

To catch everyone up, Ray completed his first chemo treatment at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago last night.

We were admitted Tuesday to get fluids and have more tests and after consulting with MD Anderson on the course of treatment, we went forward Wednesday night with Ray's first chemo treatment.

To quote a friend who's son has cancer, "cancer is not for sissies." It's rough.

We are so thankful to be home and to see the girls. We are so thankful for our sisters, families, friends and neighbors who have helped out and continue to help out. We are so thankful for your emails. They were literally like manna from heaven and helped sustain us in the hospital.

Here are our prayers: Ray's chemo runs on a two week cycle. Week one is the chemo fighting the cancer. Week two is the restoration to prepare for the next treatment. So, for this week we are praying for incredible impact of the chemo on the cancer cells. We are praying for Ray's liver to get more and more healthy. We are praying that there will be no infections. We are praying for Ray's strength -- that his appetite would come back so that food and drinks can sustain him. And for his body -- just to strengthen it as it does all this work. Add his heart to the list here. It has to work even harder because of all this.

For the girls, patience, normalcy and special moments with their dad.

For all of us: that we can cast our anxieties upon the only one who can truly hold them and run with endurance this race that has been set before us.

Above all, our continued prayer is for Ray's healing.

Our verse for tonight:
"...let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus." Hebrews12:1-2

Love to you all.

not alone and not afraid --

kristin and ray