Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy Anniversary Ray

Loved Ones,

Today was supposed to be our first day back to school but the cold weather gave us a few more days of break.  The girls cheered!!!  When I was putting Lucy to bed last night I told her that today was our Anniversary.  She was so excited!!  When she woke up I was on a conference call but she ran into the room and said, "Happy Anniversary!"

I am so glad to remember this day even with Ray gone.  Through the years we've done different things to remember.  Ray and I always had chocolates and champagne!  The girls and I look at pictures or watch the video.  I am so glad to continue the celebration of our love and commitment.

Of course we wish so much that Ray was here to dance with us!  I am sorry that the girls will never get to see that side of him personally.  He was such a great dancer!

A friend posted a quote on Facebook a few days ago and I just wanted to cheer.  It was something so beautiful about how our life is for others - that contributing our very best effort for others is such an honorable way to live life.  That was RAY.  No complaining.  No worrying about his own happiness.  Doing his best at his job, at his life.  Living and loving others.

So in your honor Ray I was planning our lobby day and our hill briefing on stomach cancer today on this day. And I will be at School Board later tonight working hard!

You will always live on in us.

not alone and not afraid -


"For me to live is Christ..." Phillippians 1:21