Sunday, June 1, 2008

Our hope is filled with nothing less...

than Jesus blood and righteousness!

This song has been with me all day.

Here are our updates from today.

Even while we sleep people are hard at work on our behalf. Our dear friend Amy put us in touch with the FDA Administrator and former head of the National Cancer Institute, Dr. Andy von Eschenbach, who is researching Ray's case.

Just this afternoon the head of Northwestern Cancer Center called me and told me that because of Andy's email, he was emailing two top doctors there to get us in. One has already emailed me and says she will arrange for evaluation ASAP.

Praise the Lord!

Ray had a tough night and an ok day. It is hard for him to keep anything down and to sleep. Please pray for these things.

In all these things we know this: Jesus Christ is our hope. The best medicine in the world is what we want for Ray. Our hope and trust however, is in Christ to heal him!

not afraid and not alone --

kristin and ray