Friday, September 19, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Loved Ones,

We're home!! Can you believe it!? Thank you for your constant prayers during our trip. It was clear in so many ways, that God's hand was on us.

Our time at MD Anderson went well. It was good that we went. Though we had heard that MD Anderson was famous for its delays, our time there went very smoothly with very few waits. I think due to the hurricane! God works in mysterious ways.

After completing CTs and labs on Wednesday we met with the GI Specialist today. It was a good meeting. He is very pleased with Ray's progress. In May, Ray's liver lesions measured 4 cm. Now they are 1 cm. This is great news. This incredible response to chemo is God's answer to our prayers, we have no doubt.There are still however, "innumerable lesions" in Ray's liver (the stomach cannot be seen in CTs -- progress is assumed to be similar). And thus, our prayers for miraculous healing continue!

We traveled to MD Anderson for a couple of reasons. One, to verify that Ray's continued course of treatment is the best one. Two, to check out any potential treatment options.Our meeting with the doctor was successful on both counts. The doctor there completely agreed with our doctor's treatment course and clinical judgment as to when/if to change such course. In addition, he suggested several other ideas for additions to current treatment and options for the future. This was very reassuring. We love our doctor here and traveling to MD Anderson made it clear that she is the right fit for us and is on the right track!

We have so many thank yous. In Houston so many homes were opened to us. Electricity or not! We appreciate it. We had many offers for childcare as well. Today a friend from high school who is now a child psychologist right near MD Anderson took off work to watch the girls. This all means so much to us.

We returned to a clean house, a new bed, a really clean car and a stocked refrigerator. You people are good!!! What a welcome!

We have so many other stories from the trip and we will share them in the coming days. If only you could watch our Maggie dance walk down the halls of Midway Airport. It would make you smile I promise!

As we return, our prayers are always for healing. In addition, tonight we continue to pray that Ray will be ready for the next round of chemo -- his white blood cells are still low. And, that Ray will be powered by the Holy Spirit for this journey -- in every aspect -- emotional, physical, spiritual, mental. These are the prayers we say tonight.

"You are awesome, O God, in your sanctuary; the God of Israel gives power and strength to his people. Praise be to God!" Psalm 68:35

not alone and not afraid --
kristin and ray