Sunday, September 29, 2013

Thinking of Ray

Loved Ones,

Ray has been on our minds this week in many special ways.

On Tuesday we journeyed to Taylor University for the third annual Ray Fitzgerald Lectureship.  At the Lectureship, Dr. David Bjork spoke to the partnership of the Evangelical and Catholic Churches in making disciples of Christ.  It was a meaningful and inspiring evening.  Dr. Bjork, who knew Ray and I when we lived in D.C., was a fantastic speaker for the event.  We are very excited at the progress that was made in educating Taylor students and others about the Catholic Church and our mission of encouraging partnerships.

Just last night the girls and I went to the White Sox game in Ray's honor, a gift of the Family Lives on Foundation.  Last year we were connected with this neat group that helps families celebrate the birthday of their loved one, doing something special that they did together.  My girls were interviewed and they told about Nora's trip to the White Sox game with Ray, along with times that they watched the Incredibles together and ate Sour Patch Kids.

A week ago a package arrived for us with White Sox tickets, sour patch kids and an Incredibles ornament.

And so we set off to the White Sox game with Ray in our hearts.

I wondered what the night would hold?  Beyond our memories and thoughts, would we feel a connection to Ray in a special way?

We headed out from soccer with just enough time to make it to the game.  When we arrived, we went about the process of selecting our brats and popcorn and finding our seats.  Just as we sat down, the White Sox hit a homerun and fireworks went off.  I wasn't quite able to concentrate as the girls were still settling in, but the Sox immediately hit ANOTHER homerun and we all watched the beautiful fireworks.

After a bit of time, we got up to get some sweet treats and then returned to our seats.  Again, immediately as we sat down, the Sox hit a homerun, followed by fireworks.

I do not know the nature of angels and what they can do to keep us safe and assure us of their love and presence.

But I do know this.  If it was within his power, our White Sox loving angel would do everything he could to assure us of his loving presence and further, ensure that his girls continued to be White Sox fans, by setting off fireworks and being sure that his girls enjoyed their game, while thinking of him.

We got your message Ray!

not alone and not afraid,


"And I will make every effort to see that after my departure you will always be able to remember these things." 2 Peter 1:14-16

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