Friday, December 19, 2008

In the Hospital Tonight

Loved Ones,

Well the scope today did not show a blockage in Ray's stomach. However,while we were here, they took some labs that showed that Ray's liver numbers are rapidly climbing.

They did a CT to check for a blockage in the liver but did not find one. It does appear however, that the tumors in his liver are growing.

We are back in the hospital this evening so that Ray can be closely monitored. They are going to get him chock full of fluids and potentially start IV nutrition. Then they are planning to start another round of chemoto really attack this cancer.

We are praying for many things tonight. Number one, sometimes being dehydrated impacts liver numbers. So we are praying that his liver numbers come down somewhat due to the hydration. Number two and very importantly,we pray for Ray's doctor -- for wisdom and guidance for her -- that she willknow the exact right medicines to use to beat these tumors without overlytaxing Ray's liver.

Last, and most importantly, we pray for Ray. That God will strengthen him for the battle and that he will intervene to assure a victory. We ask for God to heal our Ray.

"We must hold tightly to the HOPE that is ours in Christ." Hebrew 10:20

not alone and not afraid --

kristin and ray

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