Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Home From the Hospital

Loved Ones,

Praise the Lord, we are home from the hospital!

We are so relieved that Ray is doing better and that we are at home.

We had a very good day. In addition to Ray's release, it was Nora's birthday! Long before this, we had planned lunch at American Girl and it really came in handy that it was only a block away from the hospital! The girls had a fantastic time and though Ray was not able to attend in person he got an animated review of all of the day's events and a fashion show with Nora's doll and clothes.

Though Ray is much better, we have a lot of prayers for him tonight so that he can stay out of the hospital for awhile! First, we pray for adequate fluid and calorie intake so that he can gain some weight -- or at least not lose any more. We pray for protection from additional infections or complications due to the antibiotics and other medicines. We pray for regulation of Ray's potassium and magnesium levels which are off from his long time with no eating.

We pray that we remember all of these medicines!

Most importantly, we pray for continued healing for Ray from cancer, and for encouragement for all of us, as we continue to fight hard against this disease.

We also pray for wisdom in the timing of Ray's next round and dosage which may be bumped to December 26 to give all of us a break and allow him some extra time to recover.

We want to say again just how much all of you mean to us. Just coming home and reviewing the emails again overwhelms us with your love and encouragement. Know that it always refreshes and strengthens us to hear from you and to be reminded of your constant prayers.

"With God is my safety and my glory, he is the rock of my strength; my refuge is in God.Trust in him at all times, O my people! Pour out your hearts before him; God is our refuge!" Psalm 62:7-8

not alone and not afraid --

kristin and ray

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