Saturday, September 6, 2008

Update from Ray

Loved ones,

This is Ray. I figured it was time for me to write. First, to say thank you for all your prayers and support. God has shown himself many times to us through the acts of family and friends. I've been behind on my thank you's, so I wanted to take this moment to say thank you to everyone who has been so kind to us. It truly amazes us the support we have received from all of you, and others. Simple thank you's just do not convey our gratitude to everyone.

I'll try to write every once and while, but will leave the regular updates to the expert...Kristin. I don't think I could write to you all and not say how much of a rock Kristin has been to me through this whole experience. She continues to give me strength to fight this enemy.

Today was a good day. I felt good enough to do a little lawn work and was able to attend Nora's first soccer game. She scored a goal! Watch out Mia Hamm! We were also able to attend my company's annual employee picnic (we only live a few blocks from my work). It was good to see and catch up with people from work and the girls had a wonderful time eating cotton candy and riding horses. Right now the girls are watching, as Maggie says, "Anne of Green Bagels."

Last night's Sox game was great. A friend set me up with two tickets in scout seats (right behind home plate where scouts from other teams sit). Free food and drinks, a place to go inside and watch the game, a huge buffet table. I now know how the other half lives and I like it. We were probably on TV a couple of times as well, we were so close to the field. But the best was when I came home to a picture Nora drew for me. It was of me and grandad sitting in the stands watching the game. She had a field, players, bat and ball, and seats. She is going to be an amazing artist (and soccer player).

This last round of chemo has been a little more difficult than past rounds of chemo. I've had some trouble building my weight back up to where it should be. It is amazing how all the "good for you" foods have very little calories and all the bad foods are loaded with calories. If it was the other way around, I'd be over 200 pounds. I also feel more tired than the past few rounds, but I also feel like I am getting a little less sleep, especially during naps. So our prayers for today are for God to help me put on the pounds and get more rest.

We also ask for God to continue the healing process in my body and to continue to alleviate our fears and anxieties. We both have read a number books on battling cancer. Some of them mention how fears can overcome you, take control and be detrimental to the healing process. This is where God and his Word play such an important role. For we know, because God tells us over and over in the Bible, that it is through our faith in God, and his Word, that we can beat back these fears.

This verse was sent to us today from the mom of a good friend of ours.
"And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28

not alone and not afraid --