Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ray Birthday Part Two

Loved Ones,

Thanks for your emails and posts on this special day.

This morning I was listening to the Rent soundtrack's "Seasons of Love."  It was such a poignant song on this day, asking the question how do you measure the life of a man?

The song's answer, in seasons of love was running through my mind this whole day.

I watched that love play soccer this morning.

I ate lunch with that love this afternoon.

I rode bikes with that love this evening.

Nora, Maggie and Lucy, your legacies of love will carry you with them always.  When their eyes sparkle, when they give that easy grin, when they choose not to make a fuss over something small or large.

That legacy of un-measurable love will live in my heart always. In the hearts of your sisters.  In the hearts of your daughters.  In the hearts of your friends, of your family.

We miss you, we honor you, above all, we love and remember you on this day.

not alone and not afraid --


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