Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Love Song to Ray's Family

Loved Ones,

Last Saturday and Sunday Nora danced in the Nutcracker. She practiced every week from October on and we all eagerly anticipated her performances. Many special people came to see her, friends and family, showing her just how much she was loved.

This was a day her father would have enjoyed so much, watching Nora dance in the Nutcracker Ballet she's seen every year since she was three.

Ray's whole family came to see the show, and to a special dinner at our house beforehand to celebrate Nora's performance and her birthday the week before. In no way could Ray have been more present to Nora and to me, than through the loving kindness of his special family.

Each cousin, even those just arriving from college, celebrating this special day with Nora. My mother in law treasuring the day with me. My brother in laws, taking pictures, hauling table leaves, fetching and warming up the car. My sister in laws helping in the kitchen with me and waving just as wildly as I did when Nora arrived on stage. Even those far away, calling and celebrating with Nora. Each special thing Ray would have done, showing us always, his love and devotion. It was all there this Sunday, we were surrounded by his family, just as if his loving arms encircled us at Nora's performance.

It was a day I remembered so much just why I fell in love with my special husband. It was a day I know he shared with us.

not alone and not afraid --


"We always thank God for you all of you and continually mention you in our prayers." I Thessalonians 1:1


COWolgies said...

This is beautiful, Kristin. You are blessed to be loved so well by so many. We love you too!

amywb said...

Those Fitzgeralds are truly amazing. Not surprised that you are one of them. xo