Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shimkus House Floor Tribute to Ray and Kristin


Melissa Anderson said...


what a really touching tribute! I saw that Rep. Shimkus is over the district including Centralia. My dad grew up in Centralia, and I grew up going there to see my grandparents. In any case, thanks for sharing, we're still praying for you!

Carole Musser said...

Kristin & Family:
Our hearts are aching for you and your entire family. What wonderful tributes. I wish we could have known Ray better, but through your kindness and emails we know he was an amazing man. We continue to keep your family in prayer as you gather strength for the future from our all knowing God and of course your amazing family.
God Bless you richly with his grace and goodness.

Carole & Don Musser

rbirkey said...

I want to publicly thank Rep. Shimkus for his words on the floor of the House and in committee, regarding Ray.

Gina said...

To be honest Kristen...

I don't think I'd be alive today had it not been for the fact that I was invited to your wedding.

Grieving & Praying with you,