Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Thank you so much for your emails. They mean the world to us. Thanks for the Bible references too. Claiming God's promises is our job.

Here's what we're learning. Every doctor seems to think that the lesions on Ray's liver are not from the liver. They think the cancer is somewhere else and has spread there which increases the seriousness.

He will have a battery of tests to determine where. We are most suspicious of esophagus and stomach and Ray has an endoscopy tomorrow which will look inside to see what we find. That's at 2:20 tomorrow.

Friday a number of other CTs and scans starting at 11:30.

We hope to get all our results in by next week so that we can start focusing on treatment and cure. Most likely this is chemo because of the metastasis.

Things to pray for: only one other site, finding the right specialists once we know what we are dealing with, hope, peace, and still of course, miracles!!

Another prayer: our girls. My mom and dad and sisters have been lavishing them with care and we are too. They know that daddy's tummy is hurting. Just wisdom for us in how to best communicate about this, and extra love from us and others for our precious girls.

We love you all and are so thankful for our army of prayer support.

Much love,

kristin and ray